#IAmSanta Christmas Campaign

#iAmSanta Christmas Campaign by Fundacion Exito Ltd/Gte … Building a National Ideology for the Next Generation… Nation State | Thought Leadership | Influence Thursday, December 24, 2015 The #iAmSanta Campaign – focuses on the essence of Christmas. The idea behind #iAmSanta is that “Christmas is all about giving” – and we are saying that Individually and collectively, we should make a deliberate effort to #BE the […]

Nigeria Needs A New Model For Education

Over half of Nigeria’s population of 180 million people–roughly 90 million–is under the age of 17 yet there are not enough schools in the country. According to Nigeria’s Ministry of Education, we have only 61,563 primary and secondary schools with a combined capacity of 30 million seats to accommodate this population. Little surprise that Nigeria has some[…]

Categories Of Road Users Part 2… Respect The Red Light

#StopAtRed … #iAmChange55 Join the Movement … in Celebration of Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary CATEGORIES OF ROAD USERS Part 2 … RESPECT THE RED LIGHT THE BICYLIST: Is a person who rides a bicycle RIDING GUIDE: A bicycle is a vehicle and has same right of way like the motor vehicle. Bicyclists are expected to obey traffic same[…]

The Road And The Red Light… Respect The Red Light

#StopAtRed … #iAmChange55 Join the Movement … in Celebration of Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary THE ROAD & THE RED LIGHT … RESPECT THE RED LIGHT THE ROAD: Did you know? A road is a path established over land for the passage of vehicles, people and animals. So you want to show respect to ALL Road Users … People[…]

Categories Of Road Users… Respect The Red Light

There are several categories of road users. Are you one of them? The Pedestrian (including Child) The Bicyclist The Motor Cyclist The Motor Tricylist The Driver Animals THE PEDESTRIAN: A pedestrian is a person travelling on foot, whether walking or running. Pedestrian includes: Children, the elderly and the physically challenged. PEDESTRAIN PROTECTION: Use pavement or suitable footpaths[…]


Nigeria’s 55th Independence Day Anniversary … Chapter and Verses … Change Starts with Me! Good People! Great Nation!! Beautiful Nigeria!!! We celebrate our Nation at 55! We also wonder … Do you Know Nigeria? Lets us talk about Nigeria. Do you know Nigeria and how blessed we are? Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea is[…]