The Story of Us ...

To determine the future, we decide, plan, design and create it today. Therefore, we will build and equip the Architects® of Nigeria’s tomorrow today – the men who would think, decide, plan, design and build the tomorrow of our dreams – one man, one family, one institution, one leader, one idea, one change at a time and ultimately one nation … created for Nigerians by a Community of Nigerians who believe in Nigeria; in order to bequeath to the generations after, a better and brighter Nigeria than we met and presently have. But to achieve this, WE must create it NOW.

The greatest asset of our nation is its 206+ million citizens (especially its over 60% youth population). If we have the right citizens (individuals), we will have the right families; and resultantly, the right children, the right leaders, the right decisions, plans + actions and the right nation … the circle is endless. Now, imagine the ramifications and endless possibilities!

Therefore, there is no better time than now to become fully engaged in the transformational networks, synergies and investments that will create the economic prosperity and social wealth of our nation by enhancing the thought processes, value orientation, economic power, quality of lives and influence for all Nigerians – by first developing the man that builds the Nation.

This is what we are about in Fundacion Exito.

Our Vision

Our Vision is …

“Building a National ideology for the next generation, one man, one idea and one change at a time – for a Nigeria that believes in Nigerians built by a Community of Nigerians who believe in Nigeria … “

… and we do this through our Four (4) Core Programmes …

  1. The National Economic Governance and Advancement Programme (NEGAP) (“Core Programme 1”);
  2. The MACFund – Economic Security Network (The MACFund ESN) (“Core Programme 2”);
  3. Foundation Exito Canada (the FundELG Africa Diaspora Campaign) (“Core Programme 3”); and
  4. Renovaetio Strategies (Strategic Communications, Branding, Governance Advisory and Enterprise Development support Programme for Young Entrepreneurs, MSMEs, NGOs, FBOs and ancillary organisations) (“Core Programme 4”).

These programmes have several “thematic areas” and will be executed in different sizes, stages and phases. We welcome you to join us.