Categories Of Road Users Part 2… Respect The Red Light

#StopAtRed … #iAmChange55

Join the Movement … in Celebration of Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary


THE BICYLIST: Is a person who rides a bicycle

RIDING GUIDE: A bicycle is a vehicle and has same right of way like the motor vehicle. Bicyclists are expected to obey traffic same traffic rules and regulations as other motorist. Children should not ride Bicycles on the highway. Always hold onto the handle bars with both hands firmly and keep your feet on the pedals. Do not hold onto another vehicle or bicycle while in motion. Do not carry a passenger except if your bicycle if your bicycle is designed to do so. Do not ride too close behind another vehicle. Do not ride too close behind another vehicle. Do not carry outsized object or that which could affect your balance. Do not wear flowing gown as it may stocked in the spokes. Do not lead an animal. Use a bicycle path where provided. Do not ride when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At night, your bicycle must have headlight, rear-light and fitted with a rear reflector. Front and spoke reflectors will help you to be seen at night. Wear Cycle Helmet while riding. Chose the right size and type of bicycle for your comfort and safety. Ensure the saddle and handle bars are adjusted to the correct height. Fit a bell to your bicycle. Ride in a single file. Avoid clothes which may get entangled into the chains. Light-coloured or reflective clothing will help other road users to see you. LOOK BEHIND before TURNING

BICYCLE CARE: Keep lights and reflectors clean and in good working condition. Ensure the tyres are in good condition and inflated to the recommended pressure. Adjust and oil the chain properly. Ensure your brakes are effective. Ensure your bell is working.

BICYCLING DRILL: Look behind to see if it is safe to start off, turn right or left or pull up. At junctions, look out for vehicles turning in front of you, out of or into the road. Ride on the outside of vehicle slowing down or signaling to turn. To turn left or right hold out your arm sideways left for left turn right for right turn. Wait until it is safe, then start turning. Move into position with your arm held out throughout. Give the right signal in good time, exercise caution and turn quickly. On a dual carriage way, when crossing, wait for a safe gap and then cross each carriage in turn. At the roundabout, keep to the right-hand lane; take extra care when cycling across exits. You may need to signal left to show that you are not leaving the roundabout. You may feel safer walking your bicycle round on the pavement.

This is a Road Safety Campaign Powered by: TheGreenCampaign.

Join the Movement. The Change WE need starts with All of US. #StopAtRed

Supported by: House on the Rock-The Refuge and the FRSC

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