FundELG Africa Commences #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp Campaign


As part of its #StopAtRed Road Traffic Campaign, Fundacion Exito Ltd./Gte. (“FundELG Africa”) will launch her maiden Traffic Signs Clean-Up Awareness Campaign (#NGTrafficSignsCleanUp) on November 3, 2018 in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The #StopAtRed Road Traffic Campaign, a segment of #TheGreenCampaign of FundELG Africa which commenced in August 2015 and ran through September till October 1, 2015; with a follow-up in January 2016 is in its 3rd Year running since inception. The immediate and short-term objective of the Campaign is to promote discipline by Road Users and safety on Nigerian roads, whilst the long term goal and fundamental objectives is a trident of promoting:

  1. Patriotism in Nigerian Citizens;
  2. Behavioural/Attitudinal Change in Nigerian Citizens as a catalyst for evolving a National Ideology and resultant National Transformation and Re-Birth one man and one change at a time; and
  3. National Discipline and respect for the rule of law in all spheres of our National existence.

The ultimate vision of the campaign thus being to build personal and collective leadership character, capacity, competence, integrity and credibility as well as individuality and nationhood in every Nigerian Citizen one man, one idea and one change at a time. We believe the vision for a great Nigeria must be owned and created by each citizen first!

The #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp Campaign:
In the course of running the #StopAtRed Road Traffic Campaign over the last 3 years, it was discovered that most traffic signs, speed limit signs and other road signs that give warning, information and direction within the FCT, Abuja and across the country are either defaced or covered by political campaign posters, vacancy posters, or other advertisement posters thus making them obscure to drivers and other road users; and making it difficult to adhere to them. This is dangerous to the safest of road users and it requires all hands on deck to stop the practice.

Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to provide information on traffic rules, traffic discipline and road usage to road users. Further, safety on our roads is the responsibility of everyone; the practice of covering traffic signs is very dangerous and should be stopped.  Thus, the #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp Campaign 2018 is a prelude to the FundELG Africa 2018 #StopAtRed Campaign and will henceforth herald the annual #StopAtRed Campaign each year.

FundELG Africa via the #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp Campaign 2018 hereby calls on all Nigerians and Residents of the FCT, Abuja particularly to take a stand to action and stop the practice of covering road traffic signs by whatever means. We call on all Nigerians to ensure they do not post any political poster, advertisement, or other defacing material on road signs to ensure better information and safety on our roads and to stop others from doing same. It is important that as patriotic citizens, we allow these signs to be visible for our own safety.

Call to Action:
We call out to all Nigerians to come out on Saturday, November 3, 2018, to participate in the #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp Campaign 2018 as we would be out on major roads in the FCT, Abuja and environs, to collectively clean-up covered or defaced road traffic signs.

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018
Campaign Hashtag: #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp | Dress Code: Sports Wear with a touch of Green & White.
Cleaning Route: “International Conference Centre (ICC) – the Area 1, Roundabout, FCT, Abuja”.
Convergence Point: Front of the ICC
Convergence Time:  07:30pm | Take-Off Time: 08:00am

Action Plan: Join the FundELG Africa Team on the Abuja Route to clean the covered Road/Traffic Signs starting from the International Conference Centre (ICC) and terminating at the Area One (Area 1) Roundabout/under the Area 1 Bridge (just after the Area 1 shopping Complex); or organise an independent event in your city in support of the Campaign.

Tools:   A Smart Phone (with Data and active social media handles), Bucket of Water, Ariel or Omo Detergent, Soft-Sponge, Strong-Sponge, Soft Towel, Jerican of Extra Water.

For those outside Abuja and/or outside the planned route, you may join the #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp Campaign 2018 by simply coming together in a group or going out individually on Saturday November 3, 2018 following the schedule to clean-up defaced road signs in your neighbourhood, take pictures of your activity and share on Social Media with the hashtag #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp and tagging @fundelg (Twitter) and @Fundacion_Exito (Instagram).

7 Steps to Participate (In Groups or Individually):

  1. Dress-Up (Dress Code compliant)
  2. Identify a defaced Road Traffic Sign
  3. Take Picture of Defaced Road Sign (The Before Picture)
  4. Clean the Road Sign (a. Mix detergent in clean water and soak sponges and soft towel inb. Wet sign with wet soft towel/c. Scrub sign with hard side of sponge / d. Clean sign thoroughly with soft side of sponge / e. Wipe sign clean and dry with soft towel)
  5. Take Picture of Cleaned Road Sign (The After Picture)
  6. Take Personal Picture with Road Sign (The Selfie)
  7. Share ALL 3 Pictures on Social Media using the hashtag #NGTrafficSignsCleanUp and tagging @fundelg (Twitter) and @Fundacion_Exito (Instagram)

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