#IAmSanta Christmas Campaign

#iAmSanta Christmas Campaign by Fundacion Exito Ltd/Gte … Building a National Ideology for the Next Generation…

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The #iAmSanta Campaign – focuses on the essence of Christmas. The idea behind #iAmSanta is that “Christmas is all about giving” – and we are saying that Individually and collectively, we should make a deliberate effort to #BE the Gift to everyone else wherever we are, anytime and every time.

As the “Lead Actor” in this life that you live, make it memorable, find the time for others and give without a thought to receiving … BECOME the Gift everyone your immediate circle of influence NEEDS… This is the principle behind “#TheGreenSpot” which is carried on by our primary intervention project “#TheGreenCampaign” – which says you should be a good example wherever you (the dot) find yourself (the spot). So to make this Christmas great for everyone, let us determine to be the Gift.

For once during this Christmas and in the  new year … do not blame anyone else or the Government … if you encounter or are encountering a challenge … Look inward and #BE the change and solution needed.

We have identified 25 areas of our National life where we should #BE the GIFTS generally as we go through Christmas and prepare for 2016.

  1. Values [Honesty, Integrity, Truth, Fairness, Equity, Mutual Benefit, etc.] – What are your values? Are you deliberately working with a clear cut standard of human behaviour that is fair across board?
  2. Family [Marriage, Fatherhood, Wife, Children, “WE” v “Me”, etc.]
  • The “I”s are relegating the “WE”s and the “SELFIES” eliminating the “US”s. Selfishness is a commitment to self. Anything/person that never moves from the “self” stage to the “WE” stage, will never succeed. It is bound to fail. At best, the “Me” will use the “WE” to advance itself and when it is established, it will grow wings and fly.
  • What kind of man, woman, husband, wife are you?
  • What is your mission for your marriage? The Goal should be to Grow Old together – Finish what you start. There are prevalent divorces in recent times because people no longer get married to finish – start to finish.
  • How is every one of you (father, mother, children) submitting to this mission?
  • Submitting to the concept of Family and Marriage – “I” commit and give-up mine (ALL THAT I HAVE) for this “WE”. Whatever “WE” do, it’s going to be “WE”.
  • Understanding that the Parents are the gates to the success of the family? So decide what you need before you get married and become a parent.
  1. Finances [Money is a reward for providing value – What value are you providing – what kind?]
  • As Entrepreneurs, what are your goals? Is it just about the bottom line or are you looking at making the country a better place by your services?
  1. Children – No matter what happens to you or what they do to you … LOVE CHILDREN AND BE A GIFT TO THEM. THEY ARE THE FUTURE.
  • A Child born today will be 45 in 2060. You may not be here, but s/he will. What will they be in the future?
  • Help Children believe in themselves and be the best they can be.
  • To determine the future, create it today.
  1. Relationships [Business, Family, Emotional, Marital, etc.]
  • Do not cheat, defraud, be pretentious or obtain by false pretence.
  • The way you can have a right relationship is to have your own lives right first. BE the right person. Always strive to be the person your partner in that relationship needs.
  • Do not try to manipulate them to accept what they do not need or control them.
  1. Love [What is Love? Who to Love? When, Where & How to Love, etc.]
  • THINK Love, SPEAK Love, Act Love – BE LOVE.
  • Love is a Verb – Its actions speak beyond its words. If I say I love you and treat you brutishly, will that be love?
  • What is the goal of your Love? Is it genuine or to manipulate? Is it fair?
  • In a Relationship, when you love, BE Present – You cannot love two or more people at the same time otherwise, you would not be giving them the full complements of your love. This is robbery. But more importantly, you are not being fair to yourself as you will be the ultimate loser.
  • Selfishness destroys love. Selfishness is a commitment to myself. Love is selfless.
  1. Present Political Atmosphere [Political Parties and Issues – Itemise them: Budget issues, etc.]
  • When you analyse political issues, do you do so from a point of your own personal need or from a nationally objective perspective? Do you criticise this government or the past because they have done wrong really or because you are a blind supporter of either?
  • Have you done your research and findings right or are you propagating false propaganda?
  1. Patriotism [infrastructure decay: those who destroy Nigerian property, etc.]
  • [Experience with Traders at Wuse Market on discounts – Government money] – of the several shops we purchased goods from only one of the shops gave us a carton of mini-bagged rice.
  • How do you live your life as a Nigerian?
  • Do you protect Nigerian assets and identity?
  • As an entrepreneur do you produce good made for Nigeria?
  • Do you consume Nigerian products?
  • Do you put your best in when manufacturers who want to produce made in Nigeria goods request your services?
  • Most people wear imported clothes only, shoes, watches, ties, belts; they use imported mobile phones, sit on imported furniture, while watching Arsenal/Manchester United match on an imported TV set broadcasting from another imported medium (DSTV).
  • Most of our breakfast or lunch is made from imported eggs, palm oil, coconut, tomatoes, okra, rice, frozen chicken, turkey, beans, cabbage, lettuce, etc.
  • Nigerian Women wear imported hair, lashes, nails, make-up, etc.
  • The men and women drive imported cars that run on imported petrol and until recently, most shops sold their goods in dollars (imported currency).
  • How much exports do we have as a country?
  • Are we Nigeria-Centric? We should change our lifestyle and behaviour towards Nigeria.
  1. Nationhood [National Identity, Good people-Great Nation, Mutual respect and dignity, fuel queues, banking queues, etc.]
  • Do we believe in the idea of Nigeria and all of us as citizens and stakeholders in this Great entity?
  • Do we have mutual respect for one another as citizens and not because one is affluent and the other is not?
  • Do we queue up at Fuel queues and banks or anywhere else that requires queuing or do we see ourselves as more equal than others?
  • Are we good people as Nigerians? Better yet, can you say, you are a good person as a Nigerian? Can you point your finger at the government and the remaining four are not pointing back at you?
  • Are you a different person in Nigeria and a different person outside Nigeria – Do you respect the Nigerian Passport that you carry?
  • What kind of image do you generally portray as a Nigerian – When people think of you as a Nigerian is it a good testimony?
  1. Faith in Nigeria [I believe in Nigeria – travellers/citizens abstaining from speaking ill of Nigeria]
  • Do you believe in the destiny of Nigeria? Your Faith comes from your Nationhood (Who you are as a Nigerian).
  • Do you believe that Nigeria will be better than it is today?
  • When you open your mouth about Nigeria, what do you say? When people hear you speak about your country, what do they leave with – a good country or a bad and battered one?
  • Do not speak ill of your country. BE the GIFT TO YOUR COUNTRY.
  1. Leadership [starting with self-leadership, family, discipline, setting good examples in your sphere, etc.]
  • Set good examples.
  • Leadership is not only exhibited by employers, Government, etc. As an individual, you are a leader too, in your immediate circle, family, religious organisation.
  • Leadership begins with yourself … Lead yourself right … by your decisions and actions … BE the good example and LIVE by Example. This is the only way you can LEAVE a legacy. LIVE the LEGACY you want to LEAVE.
  • BE the right father, husband, mother, wife, child, brother, sibling.
  • It starts with how you think … Do you think of self-first or the better good of everyone concerned?
  • Do you serve of do you prefer to be served?
  1. Unity | Oneness [Bridging the ethno-religious divide – you can’t correct hate with hate – #oneNigeria]
  • Our Experience at the IDP Camp on 23-12-15: The Area was so disrupted due to their religious differences even in their state and it was clear that at all levels, even at with the indigent that our “representation” of our religious differences is doing more harm than good.
  • The CFRN 1999 (as amended) clearly provides that Nigeria is a secular state and is neither Muslim, Christian, agnostic, etc.
  • Are you first a Nigerian or a Christian, Muslim, Northerner, Southerner, etc. We should first BE Nigerians! Let’s be Human and then Nigerian before anything else.
  1. Conflict Management [in Life we will always have conflicts; how do we resolve the issues?
  • We should show love by seeing the much larger picture than to focus on the immediate present satisfaction?
  • On the Zaria Massacre for example – A lot of people are saying that with what happened with Boko Haram, the Army should have responded differently; while others have said … the Shiites deserved what they got.
  • We should instead of taking sides ask questions and then find solutions that cover the much larger picture for example – what could have been different?
  • How do we make sure people embark on processions and demonstrations in a decent and orderly manner so they do not constitute a public nuisance? How do we make sure nobody or group of persons ever think they are above the laws of the land? How do we make sure soldiers are not deployed to tackle matters that are within the purview of the police? Should the military do a job meant for the Police?
  • Can we condone more terrorism in any guise whether then an action of the Shiites was wrong or right and that the right thing should be done?
  • Is the Closure of Federal Roads which is breaking the law or the refusal of the pleas of the military right in any guise?
  • With the intervention of the Iranian Government, are we Shiites or Nigerians? Should the fraction be deemed greater than the whole?
  • Is this a security issue or an ethno-religious issue?
  • Considering the activities of the sect since 1979, where they have become a state of sorts within a state, were their acts not treasonable? Should the state have waited till this point to assert itself?
  • Was the response by the military not overreaching – could they have done a better job of handling the situation?
  • Should we look beyond the critical, sceptical and cynical to understand the matter and thus allow the relevant authorities address the issues appropriately?
  • Should we continue to condone lawlessness in the name of religion?
  • Should we not critically consider the conflict between human rights and legitimate self-defence?
  • How do we make sure that the Zaria crisis and the resultant killings will never happen again?
  • We should in BEING THE GIFT as Stakeholders (Government, Citizens alike) request for an investigation by the authorities into what really happened and why, ensure there is no escalation and finding a formula for constructively engaging the sect without compromising on National Security.
  • #JosephStory – Joseph the husband of Mary and Earthly father of Jesus whose birth we celebrate could have taken an alternative step when he discovered Mary was pregnant and he was not a party to the transaction. He managed the situation and ensured the safe delivery, growth and development of the child Jesus till he accomplished His life goals. This is excellent conflict management.
  1. Education [Schools, Teachers, etc.]
  • Government, Public and Private Sector Organisations and Institutions, Families and Parents need to prioritise Human Capital Development.
  • As Students of Schools, Work and Life we MUST learn and GROW through the process rather than just going through.
  • Nigeria’s GDP as at 2013 stands at $521.8 billion while SA is $350.6 billion; but Nigeria’s GDP per capita $3,005 as opposed to $6,617 of SA. This shows that though we have a large economy, the development of human capital has not been prioritised. This can only result in underdevelopment and according to a World Bank and ILO statistic an estimated 60 million Nigerians are unemployed, and 46% of the Nation’s population is at the poverty level.
  • We need to refocus learning.
  1. Work Ethic [Whether Public sector or Private Sector – Employ Professionalism, Commitment, Dedication, Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Transparency]
  2. Health [Sector, Health Care, etc.] – How is the Health Sector and their service delivery in Nigeria whether Public or Private? Health Tourism is killing our IGR and our best medical assets are abroad. Let us make it comfortable for them to come home. Also, let them come home.
  3. Violence [Stop the Violence – Against women, men, house maids, road users, etc.]
  • The media objectifying women is violence
  • Parents who use their daughters as a means of livelihood is violence
  • Bosses who exploit female employees for gain or have sexual relations with their employees is violence
  • Physical, Emotional and Sexual abuse of men by their wives, girlfriends, etc. is violence against men.
  1. Governance – Service [Government officials – FEC, Judiciary, Legislature, Civil Service, etc.]
  • Shun Corruption
  • Focus Infrastructure
  • Focus Human Capital Development
  • Justice, Equity and Human Rights
  • Service Excellence
  1. Prostitutes/Prostitution – Corporate & General [BE The Gift to yourself]
  • Realise your value – the Value you create is the value you get.
  • Organisations should not prostitute their Staff.
  • Individuals should work hard rather than prostitute themselves.
  • Think of the Legacy you are leaving by how you are living.
  1. Service Delivery/Customer Service – Skilled versus unskilled labour [Blue Collar | White Collar]
  • Whatever you do, Do well and excellently as if your life depends on it [mechanics, Artisans, etc.].
  • Coming to America Movie:  Lisa said to Akeem: “She has never seen someone who mopped the flow with so much dignity”.
  1. The President/C in C. – Let us be Santa to him by being patient with him. We see a genuine desire to change the course of this nation. It is easy to criticise in a short time; but truth is, the man is trying to undo the damage that has accumulated within a period of over 16 years at the least. He cannot do that in 6 months. Even 1 year is not enough. Let us be a gift to him and help him lead well. Let us believe in him; regardless of our political affiliations.
  2. Religious Leaders – Foster unity and Cohesion; not division, vanity or materialism. People need to be shown how to be human and pursue excellence but not at the detriment of their soul.
  • Teach this, but more importantly, PRACTICE WHAT YOU TEACH. You are the examples the world sees. Nigeria is the largest African country by population (over 182 million people) with 49.3% being Christians and 48.8% being Muslims; both preach purity, peace and godliness yet we have more problems than we have ever had. People learn more from our actions than our words.
  1. Media – Multimedia (Social Media, etc.): The media is presently doing a lot of damage to the Nigerian State by systemically altering the mind-sets of the young and refocusing it on promiscuity, looseness, nudity, lousiness, laziness, materialism, wealth without labour, etc. BE the gift, be more educating than entertaining.
  2. Road Safety (#StopAtRed) – A lot of people are travelling this Season, whether by air or by road; at some point, we will all drive. Let us maintain safety on the roads and be kind in our approach to road usage. Observe the basic Rules – RED LIGHTS, ZEBRA CROSSING, MAINTAINING YOUR LANE, NO-DRIVING ONE-WAY, etc. Just be A GIFT on the Road and Do not Drink and Drive
  3. LOVE YOURSELF – Most importantly, Love yourself – Grow beyond your anger, your insecurities, grow yourself esteem, determine your self-worth by the discovery of your gifts, talents, who you are (Asking yourself important questions like: what are my talents, what are my gifts, etc.; what are the needs around me that I can deploy those talents to meet? What am I passionate about that can become opportunities for self-actualisation?) – It is who you are that determines how you see and respond to others. This has got nothing to do with your physical appearance or your job. It’s about who you really are on the inside. You cannot be a Gift if you do not see yourself first as a GIFT to be loved and treasured. You cannot do the top 1 – 24 if you do not do this last 25.
  • Grow beyond your pain, hurt and regret.
  • Grow beyond those who have done you wrong – forgive and let go.
  • Go beyond haters … Love yourself.

In conclusion, WE can make a whole load of difference in our country and society if we show enough care for the wellbeing of other people. Our country must prepare to meet the opportunities and challenges of the next generation and it starts with self – the ideology behind who you are, why you are and why you do what you do.

BE the GIFT this Christmas and think on how you can be a strong proponent and protagonist for the 25 Santa Packs listed here.

#iAmSanta Christmas Campaign by Fundacion Exito Ltd/Gte … Building a National Ideology for the Next Generation…

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