John Maxwell Leadership Coach

Ofi K. Ejembi (Co-Moderator)

Ofi K. Ejembi is a leadership coach and trainer, broadcast journalist and thought leader with technical expertise and over 22 years’ experience spanning several sectors including civil society, broadcasting, extractives & petroleum and consulting.

In 2021, Ofi joined the prestigious John Maxwell Team and is an adept trainer, speaker and coach in leadership and personal development.

He is a founding member of Nigeria’s premier talk radio brand, Nigeria Info FM Abuja; where, as producer and anchor of Morning Crossfire, Ofi held the Number One rating amongst morning shows in the region from January 2015 till he left the station in March of 2018.

Passionate about youth development and education, Ofi has worked directly with young people as a counselor, teacher, mentor and coach since 1997. As National Coordinator of all-4-Him, a faith-based youth outreach organisation, Ofi has worked in talent development, reproductive health, evangelism, education, skill acquisition and counseling for teenagers and young adults. He worked as project officer and also monitoring and evaluation officer for the organization’s NACA (World Bank-HAF) intervention in 13 communities from 2004 to 2007.

Ofi is passionate about nation building, leadership development and succession, personal growth, education and civic participation. He is married to Joy (nee Osifo), they have two beautiful children and live in the United States of America.