Questions for Potential Partners & Members

MACFund ESN Onboarding

Please answer every question. We treat ALL responses and information with grave confidentiality.


    The Covid-19 Pandemic is a serious global economic vampire. It is making the world think differently as we pivot through this global disruption and invading recession; and it is just one of the varied crises that we would go through in a lifetime. As we organise a collegiate team of Partners and Members, this Questionnaire is something to help us determine if you are the right fit for The MACFund ESN; but more importantly, if we are the right economic support Partner and leverage for you as you transition in the evolving new economy. Please note that only those who meet our cooperation requirements would be contacted. Thank you.

    According to an interesting World poverty clock fact, Nigeria is projected to be the world poverty capital by 2030. However, presently, global economies are still convulsing critically, 85% of the global work force is threatened; and the Earth is under an economic siege (the health and financial economies of the world are in a turmoil). But every crises is an Asset. Does this resonate with you?

    The blessing of crises - capitalising on the bigger picture and averting the tragedy of the immediate future.